Kenton Cool Becomes The 1st Non-Nepali Mountaineer To Climb Mt Everest 17 Times!

kenton cool mount everest
by Shreya Rathod

Mount Everest is located in the Himalayas and is one of the most difficult expeditions. But that doesn’t stop mountain climbers to gear up and scale the peak. After the Nepali Sherpa, Kami Rita, a British man, Kenton Cool, climbed Mount Everest for the 17th time and broke his record! Here’s everything you need to know about his achievements.

Kenton Cool Climbs Mount Everest For The 17th Time!


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Famous British mountaineer, Kenton Cool, just beat his own record for the most Mount Everest ascents by a non-Nepalese mountain climber. He recently accomplished his 17th climb and established a new record. Together with Dorjee Gylzen Sherpa and another companion, the mountaineer and guide scaled the highest point on Earth. The sherpa has successfully scaled Everest and K2 on multiple occasions.

He shared a post on Instagram that stated he achieved his seventeenth summit of Mount Everest. It also described that the conditions on the summit were extremely cold and it led to multiple technical failures. Moreover, with trackers and comms going down, they were facing trouble while communicating.

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According to a Times Of India report, the mountaineer stated that in the early 2000s, Mount Everest had a lot of snow. However, now it has turned dry and rocky.

Mountaineering Career & His Expeditions


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One of the best mountain and ski expedition leaders in the UK, Kenton Cool has led numerous teams of climbers up challenging routes. He attempted to climb Mount Everest in May 2008, but his companion returned 300 metres from the peak. The most successful British Expedition Leader on the mountain, he returned to Everest in 2009 and successfully guided his partner to the summit.

Kenton Cool has led more than 40 successful journeys in the Greater Ranges as an expedition leader. He has the best success rate of any mountain guide on Everest. He has personally climbed Everest seventeen times; in May 2007, he did so twice in a single week.

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He made it to the top of Everest for the eleventh time in January 2015. To demonstrate his support for the little nation, he raised the flag of the Principality of Sealand.

Cover Image Courtesy: Kenton Cool/ Instagram

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