Kerala Muslim Artist Paints Lord Krishna Paintings & Gifts Them To Temples; Shows Harmony & Religious Tolerance

by Tania Tarafdar
Kerala Muslim Artist Paints Lord Krishna Paintings & Gifts Them To Temples; Shows Harmony & Religious Tolerance

We wish to be living in a more ‘inclusive’ world where caste and religion create no conflicts. And while many of us still take religious differences seriously, some actually believe that God is one and there is only one religion and that is humanity. This Muslim woman from Kerala who created a hundred paintings of Lord Krishna in the past six years is the biggest example. She has also been gifting these Krishna portraits to famed temples such as Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple in Thrissur. However, the traditions have not allowed her to go inside the shrine and present the painting in front of the sanctum sanctorum.

She Creates Krishna Paintings Despite Objection From Family & Community

It is still sad that non-Hindus are not permitted inside the ancient temple. Left with no choice, the woman had to place her paintings at the hundi in front of the portal or hand it over to the shrine staff. Besides, she herself hails from a conservative family in Koyilandy in this north Kerala district. However, these challenges did not deter her from making more paintings of the Hindu deity. In Another News, Muslims From Delhi’s Jamia Nagar Unite To Save Temple From Damage In Heartwarming Moment.

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A Hindu Temple Ritually Accepted Her Paintings

Setting aside the stiff objection from the community, 28-year-old Jasna Salim has done over 500 paintings of little Lord Krishna. And while she had many takers from outside the state, nothing makes her happier than being able to present her painting at a Hindu temple. Ulanadu Sree Krishna Swamy temple, located near Pandalam in Pathanamthitta district ritually accepted her painting of Krishna where the priest adorned the painting with a tulsi garland.

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Interestingly, all her paintings, whether created on canvas or glass, has infant Krishna with his butter pot in them. The artist reportedly said that said she could draw only little Lord Krishna with such perfection. She now dreams to gift a Lord Krishna painting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.