Muslims From Delhi’s Jamia Nagar Unite To Save Temple From Damage In Heartwarming Moment

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 384

Noor Nagar in Delhi is home to a dense Muslim population and also houses a few Hindu families. The communities have been living in harmony throughout the years, respecting each others religion and culture. The small Hindu community have been living along with their Muslim neighbours for decades, unfazed by the communal tensions across the country. Recently, an old temple structure at the nearby Jamia Nagar faced the threat of demolition by a builder mafia which also tried to flare up communal tension in the locality. In a heartwarming moment, the Muslim residents of the locality raised an alarm to stop the temple from being destroyed. Read on to know more.

Muslim Community Gather To Save Temple From Being Razed

According to a TOI report, a builder mafia razed a dharamshala next to the old temple in Jamia Nagar, Delhi. The Muslim residents in the area, united to stop the temple from being razed. This temple is frequented by the small Hindu population living in the locality. The Muslim neighbours were well aware of the religious practices and sacred spaces of the Hindu community. And they realised that the demolition of the dharamshala overnight could mean damage to the temple as well. So, the Muslims in Noor Nagar Extension moved to court and informed the authorities about the demolition.

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jamia nagar temple

Picture Crediits: TOI

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Fouzul Azeem headed a local residential committee and showed a layout of the area. The mandir premises were clearly marked there. The locals also informed that certain area was being demolished to build flats. And they feared that the mafia builders could create communal tension in the vicinity. The petitioners informed the court to direct Delhi Police and Municipal corporation to handle this issue and stop the temple from being razed. This is indeed a heartwarming story and shows that India is strong when it’s united and secular. Meanwhile here are some unusual temples in India, that you probably haven’t heard of. 

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