Kerala School Converts Double Decker Bus Into A Quirky Classroom And We’re In Awe

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kerala School Converts Double Decker Bus Into A Quirky Classroom And We’re In Awe

Have you ever heard about a classroom on wheels? Now, you can see, visit and perhaps even attend one. Kerala is now home to the quirkiest classroom you’d have ever seen. A double-decker Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus has been transformed into a quirky classroom for students at the Manacaud Government Lower Primary School. This one-of-a-kind classroom has not just excited students but even unleashed every adult’s inner child. Read on to for all the deets.

KSRTC Bus Converted Into Innovative Classroom

The double-decker KSRTC bus, now a two-tier classroom is painted in light blue and yellow colours. There are beautiful drawings of animals, books, children, the sun and more. It’s captivating and attractive for kids. According to The Indian Express, State Transport Minister Antony Raju revealed that building a classroom from scratch was expensive. It would cost crores of rupees. So, converting the bus into a classroom saved the cost and also made learning a fun experience for kids.

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kerala double decker bus classroom
Picture Credits: The Indian Express

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Kerala’s Classroom On Wheels Has TV, AC, Chairs & More

This classroom on wheels at Manacaud Government Lower Primary School is equipped with an air conditioner, multi-coloured tables and benches, book shelves, chairs, TV and more. While it’s an old bus that doesn’t operate anymore, the steering wheel and driver’s seat are retained to let children play. The upper floor of the classroom is used for recreation and reading. Well, if this is how schools are going to be, we can’t wait to go back to school.