Kids Make Their Elders Feel Special Amidst Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kids Make Their Elders Feel Special Amidst Lockdown

Kids bring joy and happiness to our lives. Even in the most difficult times, their childlike wonder and innocence seem to make the world a better place. During this lockdown, kids are making the elders feel special by extending heartwarming gestures like organizing surprise dinners and treats. 6-year-old Ziana Verma dressed up as a butler and planned an evening by her balcony for her grandparent’s anniversary. Two brothers aged 10 and 12 years planned a surprise romantic evening for their parent’s birthday. I’m sure every family might be touched by the sweet, heart touching gestures shown by their kids.

Ziana Verma Recreates A Restaurant In Her Balcony

6-year-old Ziana Verma wanted to make her grandparents’ anniversary a day to remember. And if they can’t visit a charming restaurant amid the lockdown, then the restaurant will come to them. So she recreated a restaurant like set up in her home balcony. The name of her restaurant? That’s Superhero Restaurant.

She dressed up as a butler and prepared a cute menu. Her restaurant served delicious dishes like Dosa and Idli with Sambar and Chutney, Paneer Paratha, Cheese Toast, Punjabi Kadi with rice. She welcomed her grandparents who seated themselves in the balcony overlooking the gorgeous Mumbai skyline.

Ziana greeted her happy ‘customers’ with a smile, took their orders meticulously,  served them chilled Coke, Cheese Toast, Dosa and Paneer Paratha graciously. The cherry on the cake was her small dance performance, for which she earned a generous tip of ₹2000 at the end. Her grandparents’ anniversary was indeed a special one after all, their granddaughter organized a lovely anniversary surprise for them, which surely made their day.

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Krishiv & Shivansh Organized A Romantic Dinner

Krishiv and Shivansh, two brothers aged 10 and 12 years old respectively, organized a romantic dinner for their parents. The lit up the room with colourful lights and created an intimate candlelight dinner setting for their parents. They decorated the room, decided and printed a menu and welcomed their ‘customers’ to their restaurant, Taste of Flora. With the help of their grandmother, the boys served their diners lip-smacking Sheekh Kebab, Chicken Reshmi, Chicken Lazzez and Butter Naan. To sweeten their tastebuds, Jalebi with Ice Cream was the dessert of the day. It was a special evening for the parents who got to spend quality time with each other, and ofcourse with their kids who made every moment so memorable.

kids make elderly feel special amidst lockdown

Isn’t it truly amazing to see such heartwarming gestures from kids during this lockdown? Their happy faces, innovative games, bubbly nature is truly the dose of happiness that we all need right now. So we hope you’re bonding with your kids and making the most of this lockdown together. Do you know A Neighbourhood In The United States Organized A Stuffed Animal Safari To Entertain Kids At Home?