Kolhapur Has Introduced Unique Conveyor Belt Visarjan For Ganesh Chaturthi This Year

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolhapur Has Introduced Unique Conveyor Belt Visarjan For Ganesh Chaturthi This Year

Ganesh Chaturthi is always the biggest and the most unique celebration in Maharashtra. Maharashtrians wait for these days throughout the year and indulge in lots of food to celebrate the auspicious occasion. Some residents of Kolhapur took the celebration to a top-notch with a very innovative idea of visarjan of the idols. They are using a mechanical conveyor belt for Ganpati immersion.

Kolhapur Has Introduced A Conveyer Belt For Ganpati Visarjan This Year

Satej Patil is the guardian minister of Kolhapur in the previous MVA government. And according to reports, Satej Patil introduced this unique technique of the conveyor belt along the water body for Ganesh visarjan in Kolhapur. Reports state that he also sanctioned the amount required for buying the conveyor belt from DPDC and installing it. Many believe that using technology for the immersion of the Bappa’s idols can save people from injuries that they generally face during the visarjan celebration. In conclusion, Ganpati idols can now be immersed in the water in a smooth process.

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Check out the video of the conveyor belt here:

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Netizens Are Having Mixed Reactions To This Unique Technology

After some videos of the conveyor belt surfaced on various social media platforms, some people loved the initiative whereas others did not. It is true that the idea is very innovative but netizens do not completely agree with the technique used for the immersion of Ganpati idols. Many found it very disrespectful to use a conveyor belt for Ganpati visarjan. They feel that this innovation is lacking respect and integrity for the occasion. On the other hand, there are a few who appreciated the technology and understood the reason to choose this advanced innovation.