Kolkata Office Goers Cannot Live Without This Malai Toast And Tea Near Kolkata Stock Exchange

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkata Office Goers Cannot Live Without This Malai Toast And Tea Near Kolkata Stock Exchange

A cup of garam-chai is the energy source for every Indian for years and decades. A small tea stall outside a school, a college, and an office is what people first search for. Nothing can ever quench an Indian’s thirst like a cup of tea. When in Kolkata, Bengali’s love for ‘dudh-cha’ is unconditional. And when hungry, they accompany the cup of tea with biscuits or malai toast. Office goers working near the Kolkata stock exchange have to visit these places for malai toast and tea. These are so delicious and so soul-soothing.

Malai Toast And Tea In ‘Kona Dukan’ Is A Must!

Right at the centre of the crowd near the Kolkata stock exchange, Kona Dukan is a go-to eatery for every office goer. The crowd is crazy for this place and we completely agree with the customers running to this place every day. Their malai toast is the most famous and loved by hundreds and thousands. Running for 77 years, this food stall got its name only recently. The place has been running popularly since the beginning but it never had a name. So, the present generation running the shop gave the place the name ‘Kona Dukan’ in 2017.

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Malai toast and tea are one of the most popular food combinations served here and a huge crowd visits this place every day, even on weekends, to taste the rich deliciousness of malai in malai toast and tea. Kona Dukan served only a few items previously, but with years passing by, they introduced chili cheese, club kochuri, grilled sandwiches, and a few things more. Nothing new on the menu can compete with the powerful duo of malai and tea and these items are sold the most in this food stall.

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A Cup Of Chai From Shankar Tea Stall Is What Office Goers Need!

Established back in 1995, ‘Shankar Tea Stall’ is another go-to food stall for the office goers in Kolkata. Previously, this place was located near the Writers’ Building. In 2019, it changed its address and shifted near the Kolkata stock exchange. After coming to a new location, they made some new changes in their business too. Their present menu has quite some delicious food items, but their malai toast and tea are always one of their most famous.

Some other foods that are a must-try from their menu are different types of chai such as lemon tea, masala chai, and some more. Their thanda dosa, sambar vada, and different types of toasts are very popular too!