Kolkata’s New Metro Station In Sealdah Looks Like An Airport And We’re Not Kidding!

by Sanmita A
Kolkata’s New Metro Station In Sealdah Looks Like An Airport And We’re Not Kidding!

Metro trains have become our main method of transport, especially in bigger metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. They are the crossroads which take us to different destinations – from the city nooks, the countryside and even different states. The metro is one such commute system that has become the public’s main transportation to reach anywhere on time or early. And it is no fact, that we do spend a lot of time, at the metro stations too.

Kolkata’s new metro station in Sealdah is unlike a regular metro station. It stands out for its looks, creative art that decorates the wall and the sleek to minimal decor. When you look at the design and architecture, you will readily agree that it completely emits airport vibes. It is neat, sleek and smart. Such looks are quite rare, especially with regard to India’s metro stations.


The building has high ceilings with skylights, is well lit and can arguably be one of the best-looking metro stations in Kolkata. And, if you do want to visit, well, there’s is still time, as this new metro station in Kolkata has not been inaugurated yet.

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When Will The Sealdah Metro Station Open?

The Sealdah metro station received all the clearances to open on May 31, but got postponed due to an event of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s eight years in the office. Therefore, it is likely to open by June 24. The clearances are usually valid for three months and need to be opened within the designated time.

So, let’s hope this June, you’re able to witness this airport-like metro station and get all the perfect pictures that you’d want.


What More Is in Store For Kolkata In 2023?

Well, Kolkata being the city that it is, is gearing up to soon open an underground metro tunnel underneath the Hoogly river. This underground metro tunnel will connect Howrah and Kolkata. The underground metro is supposed to be fully functional by 2023.

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