Kozhikode Turns Pink Like Netherlands; Stunning Aquatic Plants Take Over City

kozhikode pink flowers
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 2510

When pink flowers turn the town the pink we travel enthusiasts definitely aren’t complaining. Recently hundreds of cherry blossom trees bloomed and transformed Shillong into a total paradise. And now a village in Kozhikode, Kerala has turned pink as stunning aquatic plants took over the city. So, forget the Netherlands and find your slice of paradise in this Kerala city filled with forked Fanwort blooms, urf pink aquatic plants.

Pink Aquatic Plants Take Over Kerala’s Kozhikode

Kerala’s Kozhikode has a charming village named Avala Pandi which has painted the town pink. Images of the town’s pink aquatic plants taking over the waterbodies has sparked a lot of interest on social media. The pink flower plant belonging to the Cabomba furcata family is locally identified as ‘mullan payal’. This sudden stunning sight of flowers has taken tourists and locals aback. Travel enthusiasts have already started marking this village in Kozhikode as the next spot on their bucket list.

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Avala Pandi village apart from becoming a tourist hotspot has also become a source of income for local vendors. Many political party candidates also prefer to come here to contest in the upcoming elections. They use the village’s gorgeous pink flowers as a backdrop to garner votes. Even though these pink aquatic flowers are simply breathtaking, they still pose a serious threat to water bodies. They can severely affect the ecosystem of the town if these pink flowers with thorny bushes multiple at a large rate.

kozhikode pink flowers

Picture Credits: ANI

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These Pink Aquatic Plants Are Harmful To Waterbodies Inspite Of Looking Gorgeous

Botanist,  Dr Dileep stated to The Indian Express “If anyone is collecting these plants from Avala, they must make sure to grow it only inside an aquarium. If it slips into water bodies or paddy fields, there could be large-scale destruction.”Interestingly, these pink plants bloom due to sunlight. These flowers start blooming from 11 am when the sun shines bright. And towards the evenings, they slowly wilt away, when the sunsets. It’s truly gorgeous, but you have to visit Kerala to see it for yourself. 

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