London’s Tower Bridge Stuck For 30 Mins After Opening For Boats To Pass; Causes Chaos & Traffic

by Shreya Rathod
London’s Tower Bridge Stuck For 30 Mins After Opening For Boats To Pass; Causes Chaos & Traffic

In London, the Tower Bridge is an iconic landmark and has a rich history. It is a suspension bridge built across the River Thames and is close to the Tower Of London. To improve access to London’s East End, which had increased its commercial potential in the 19th century, the bridge was built. Recently, the Tower Bridge was stuck open for boats to pass and caused traffic jams.

London’s Tower Bridge Was Stuck Open!

On Thursday, the famous Tower Bridge in London sparked severe traffic congestion and panic when it failed to close. The bridge was raised to make room for Sailing Barge Adieu to pass, but soon after, because of technical issues, it was left stuck open.

According to witnesses, the bridge became impassable at roughly 1:15 PM and closed after 30 minutes. As per a report by the Independent, a witness stated that at first, he thought it was wonderful to see the bridge open. However, he soon sensed something might be off because of the odd angles. After some time, he saw traffic building on the route with two tourist buses waiting to cross the bridge.

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According to the Metro, the bridge’s hydraulically propelled bascules had trouble dropping back down, which contributed to the traffic congestion. Many of the onlookers celebrated when the bridge finally collapsed after 30 minutes. Additionally, some onlookers admitted that they believed the bridge would remain open because a Thames seal might emerge from the river.

History Of The Iconic Landmark

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A new river crossing was required downstream of London Bridge as a result of the East End of London’s significant commercial growth in the late 19th century. It would be impossible to construct a standard permanent bridge at street level since sailing ships would no longer be able to access the port facilities in the Pool of London. It is located between the Tower of London and London Bridge.

The operating mechanism was originally hydraulically driven but was changed to an electro-hydraulic system in 1972. With 40,000 daily crossings, the bridge serves as both a major thoroughfare and the boundary of the London congestion charge zone.

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The Victorian engine rooms, high-level walkways, and the bridge’s twin towers are all included in the Tower Bridge Exhibition. However, the bridge deck is only open to cars and pedestrians.

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