Luxury Hotel Chains In India Are Offering Great Deals, E-Gifts & Hampers To Lure Guests For Diwali

by Tania Tarafdar 1791

The hotel industry has been hit hard due to the global pandemic. As they reopen after the lockdown, big hotel chains are struggling to generate the revenue. As compared to the pre-covid days, hotels see only 30% occupancy. People are still skeptical about stepping out, which means that hotels will not see too many guests this festive season.

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Redeem The Gift Cards For Hotel Stays, Spa Services & Dining

ITC hotels are offering E gift cards that you can redeem for options like hotel stays, spa services and gourmet dining. The ITC gift cards will have validity for one year. Apart from ITC hotel chains like Taj and Oberoi are betting big time on Gift Cards this Diwali. The hotel chains are hoping that guests will opt to check in the hotels to mark the celebration instead of big family Diwali gatherings. Stay In This Hotel In Uttarakhand For Glorious Snowy Views & Gleaming Gold Sunsets.

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Hotel Chains Are Taking Loans From The Government

To kickstart their revenue generation, hotels have asked loans from the Modi government. Restaurants and hotels have seen only 20-30% occupancy since the time they reopened. The pandemic has badly hit other business sectors because of which spending power has reduced. Therefore, people are spending less on travelling and eating out. Even after the travel restrictions are fully relaxed, hotels will tale 12 to 14 months to recover. Here are Top Desi, Rajasthani-Style Hotels To Spend Your Weekend In Jaipur.

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While November usually marks the beginning of the festive season and holidays for domestic and foreign travellers, with all the travel bans tourism is at an all-time low. The hospitality sector is among the few markets that have faced the maximum Covid brunt.