Magical Delhi Lake With Healing Powers To Become A Travel Hub

by Kanika Sharma
Magical Delhi Lake With Healing Powers To Become A Travel Hub

Did you know, that there is a lake located near Khirki village, Malviya Nagar which is believed to have magical healing powers? And guess what, Delhi government plans to restore it soon!

What is it?

Satpula Lkake
Picture Credit – New Indian Express

The lake is located in Satpula monument which goes all the way back to the 14th century. The fort was built by Sultan Muhammad Shah Tuglaq and the lake functioned as a dam for irrigation purposes. It was also a strategic construction, as it would help avoiding attacks from enemies.

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The water from the lake was meant to have healing powers and ‘cure’ people. It was often visited by the mystic Sufi poet Nasiruddin Mahmud Chirag Dehlavi. The popular colony – Chirag Delhi – is also named after him. Soon, his followers started to believe in its magical properties.

What’s the plan?

Satpula Lake
Picture Credit – Vikramjits / WordPress

Last month, Delhi Jal Board (DJB), decided to include this lake and 11 others in its revival plan. A sewage treatment plant will be constructed on the Satpula drain and the water will go through several stages before being released.

Satpula, that translated into ‘seven-arch bridge’, is surrounded by greenery on all sides. During monsoons, it becomes lush green and comes to life. Once the water starts flowing into the lake, migratory birds will start flocking the area which will also help in replenishing the ground water.

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Once the lake is completely developed, it will not only become a hub for travellers but bird watchers as well! And who knows, if we are lucky, its healing qualities might be revived as well.