Mahabaleshwar Is Hitting Zero Degrees And This Could Be The Reason

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mahabaleshwar Is Hitting Zero Degrees And This Could Be The Reason

Mahabaleshwar, the charming hill station in Maharashtra, known for its cute strawberry farms, homely food, bustling market area and calm lakes has everyone’s heart entwined. This winter, the hill station has recorded its lowest temperature ever at 0°C. Even in Mumbai, the temperature dropped below the normal levels to 13.2°C. For some days, Delhi was colder than usual with the mercury falling to around 5°C. Several parts of Kashmir are receiving massive snowfall with temperatures as low as -11.6°C. Experts are saying that this dip in temperature noticed in India is due to a global phenomenon called La Nina. La Nina alters oceanic temperatures causing severe weather conditions.

Mahabaleshwar To Undergo Development For Tourism Purposes

Mahableshwar will undergo a makeover to give it an eco-friendly spin.  Mahableshwar’s Venna Lake and its main shopping area will undergo further development. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced that it will ve developed into a key tourist destination in the near future. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra has urged the tourism department to increase the height of the Venna dam to ensure more drinking water in the hill station. The water storage capacity of the dam that supplies water to the hill station will be raised. According to TOI, Mahabaleshwar will be developed into tourist spot that offers the best of adventure, nature, heritage, religious and agricultural tourism. The department of tourism will work and even complete this work on a priority basis.

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Mahableshwar is a glorious hill station. But it’s potential hasn’t been tapped to the fullest. With plenty of viewpoints and limited sightseeing spots, there’s still alot left untapped here. This Mahabaleshwar development project will take in to point both short term and long term plans. The locals will be taken into confidence during this period. Moreover, TOI reports that the tourism department will work on 3 departments in coordination, tourism environment and forest. Well, here are 5 places you need to visit in the state other than Mumbai.