Maharashtra Is Hosting Fireflies Festival & You Cannot Miss The Sight

by Shreya Ghosh
Maharashtra Is Hosting Fireflies Festival & You Cannot Miss The Sight

Watching groups of fireflies flying and swarming around is a magnificent vision. This is the best time to witness the magic of nature’s fairy lights in Maharashtra. The state is currently hosting a grand fireflies festival. It is an absolute must if you want to catch the best sites of these wonderful creatures. If you are in Maharashtra or visiting the state anytime soon, then do not miss out on this beautiful experience.

Fireflies Festival Is A Soothing Treat To The Eyes

It’s been some days since various places in Maharashtra are hosting the fireflies festival. The grand occasion will continue in Maharashtra till the end of June. If you are confused about which places to visit to attend the festival then here is some information that might be helpful for you. Fireflies are easily spotted in places such as Igatpuri, Bhandardara Dam, Prabalmachi village, Lonavala, Purushwadi, Ghatghar Dam, Kondane Caves, Kothaligad Fort, Samrad Village, Siddhagad Fort, and many such places in Maharashtra.

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Places To Catch Up This Festival

  • Purushwadi Fireflies Festival
  • Bhandardara Fireflies Camping
  • Fireflies Photography Boot Camp
  • Rajmachi Bike Ride & Fireflies Festival
  • Rajmachi Fireflies Trek & Camp
  • Malshej Ghat Fireflies Camping

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These Festivals Have A Lot To Offer

Away from the city’s hustle and bustle and pollution, these locations are the best to experience the magic of fireflies. In peace and serenity, a small getaway to this festival will be enough to rejuvenate and relax while watching the ethereal beauty of nature. Millions of fireflies swarming and flying around and mesmerising people; a visionary in itself. Book a 1-day/1-night package in any of these fireflies festivals and experience the thrill and rush of hiking, camping, trekking, and such adventurous activities. End the night witnessing the magic of fireflies!