Maharashtra Gets Its Only VR Gaming In Mumbai And Here’s Everything To Know!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Maharashtra Gets Its Only VR Gaming In Mumbai And Here’s Everything To Know!

Gaming has gained significant traction in recent years. The industry has evolved from primarily being the ‘playground’ for kids and young adults to coming up with entirely new types of gaming experiences for a wholly new demographic of gamers. Virtual reality is one of such revolutionary concepts and with Zero Latency, Mumbai is now home to Maharashtra’s only VR Gaming space. Keep reading to know more. 

A Free Roam VR Gaming Experience

Zero Latency is the world’s best free-roaming virtual reality gaming experience, featuring award-winning technology developed by one of the pioneers in VR entertainment. The players can roam around freely in an area of 2000 square feet, interact and strategize with their team members for real. Among the many exciting multiplayer games available, you can choose games like surviving the zombie apocalypse or rescuing a space station from robots.

Pic Credits: Traveldine

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VR Is Futuristic

As a result of the pandemic, online gaming actually saw a spike, which is why VR gaming is the future. At Zero Latency, the donning room is where players receive information about the game, equipment, and safety regulations. A VR headset, a backpack with a CPU, and, of course, the controller are all included. Players in India can choose from a 45-minute package along with the standard 15- or 30-minute options. Rates differ on Weekdays and Weekends. 

Take a break from reality and lose yourself in the virtual world. 

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