Malaysia Has A Reptile Cafe That Allows Patrons To Interact With Snakes And Lizards

by Tooba Shaikh
Malaysia Has A Reptile Cafe That Allows Patrons To Interact With Snakes And Lizards

You must have heard of the concept of cat cafes and dog cafes. These are places that adopt stray cats and dogs and are also cafes where patrons can interact with these cute furry animals. Well, this one cafe in Malaysia is quite similar except that it’s not cats and dogs that you’ll find here. Fangs by Dekori is a premium reptile cafe where you can interact with live reptiles! Yes, you read that right.

Reptile Cafe In Malaysia Lets You Interact With Snakes & Lizards

This interesting cafe is the brainchild of a reptile enthusiast Yap Ming Yang. It is his firm belief that given time, patrons will come to love interacting with these non-furry creatures just as much as they love interacting with furry creatures. The cafe is located on the outskirts of the capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur.

He established the cafe with the aim of removing the stigma surrounding reptiles. More often than not, people associate disgust and displeasure with reptiles. He wanted to remove this negative association between the two. He believes that once the patrons take the time out and spend time interacting with these animals, their fear will be significantly abated.

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Snacks And Snakes, All In One Place

The founder of this dynamic cafe is a hardcore reptile enthusiast. He is a member of a Malaysian herpetology society. Herpetology, in case you did not know, is the study of reptiles. He even has a degree in environmental sciences.

The cafe houses a variety of reptile animals like bearded dragons, corn snakes, lizards, leopard geckos, etc. Patrons can enjoy petting these scaly creatures and interacting with them while they wait for their delicious food and beverages.

The cafe’s agenda is to ultimately convince its patrons that reptiles like snakes and geckos are also great pet options so that more and more reptiles, too, can be adopted and rescued.

While the reptiles are a huge attraction, the cafe is also known for its lip-smacking dishes like waffles and kakigoris. It is also very well-known for its Taro ball desserts.

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Cover Image Credits: Fangs By Dekori/Instagram