Man Finds Painting Dating Back To 1600s While Renovating Kitchen

by Shreya Rathod
Man Finds Painting Dating Back To 1600s While Renovating Kitchen

Imagine you are renovating your house and you end up finding a valuable painting that is preserved for centuries, not to forget worth millions. Awesome, right? Well, this British chap found himself in a similar situation. Dr Luke Budworth, a data analyst and research psychologist at the University of Leeds, found a historic painting that was preserved for years while renovating his apartment! Take a look at this painting and exactly how it was discovered.

Brit Finds A 400-Year-Old Painting!

Credits: lisa.shailerporsek/ Facebook

According to the BBC report, Dr Luke Budworth, the British research psychologist, was renovating his kitchen. While doing so, he discovered a fresco painting on the walls of his apartment in Micklegate in York city. The painting is said to be dating back to the 1660s and he was excited to conserve the painting for future generations.

According to him, the contractors were the ones who noticed an odd infrastructural condition under the cupboard. It was then, the data analyst got his tools and started chipping at the board. As soon as the board was lifted, a beautiful fresco painting of the Victorian era came into view.

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The painting features scenes from Emblems by poet Francis Quarles, a 1635 book. The painting showcases the Biblical scene where a caged man is led by an angel and a man who is riding to the kingdom of heaven in a white cart.

Historian’s Advice To Follow

On finding the painting, he contacted historians to know its importance. It was revealed that the painting is of national significance. In fact, the public body gave him a life-size and high-quality replica of the painting and advised him to cover it. This way the painting will be preserved without any difficulty.

In the context of York, this painting is certainly significant as domestic wall paintings were rare. The painting may be older than the building on both sides according to Simon Taylor, a senior architectural investigator at Historic England. This painting will help researchers navigate the development of the street.

As for the data analyst who found this painting, he is trying to secure funds for the conservation work of the painting.

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Cover Image Courtesy: lisa.shailerporsek/ Facebook