Man Gets Mangoes From House Help As Her Kid Passed 10th & We’re Tearing Up

by Tooba Shaikh
Man Gets Mangoes From House Help As Her Kid Passed 10th & We’re Tearing Up

Isn’t it lovely when people share their big and small joys with you? Maybe you were having a bad day but such an incident has the potential to turn your day completely around. A person on Twitter recently got to experience it and he took to the micro-blogging website to share it with the netizens. He said that he got mangoes from his house help because her son passed the 10th State Board exams.

Man Gets Mangoes From House Help

It is always a treat when people think to include you in their happiness. The fact that they thought of you in this time of happiness and thought to inform you of their good fortunes makes you feel special. A Twitter user, too, recently experienced this joy and shared his experience with the world.

In a short and simple tweet, he shared with the world that he got two delicious-looking mangoes from his house help. The reason? He said that since her kid passed the 10 State Board exams, she decided to give two mangoes to him as a token of her joy.

This particular incident got a lot of responses from the Netizens as they too felt what was communicated in the tweet. The tweet was even supplemented with the photo of the mangoes that were given to him.

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Netizens React With Love

If you’ve had a typical Indian education, you know that people here set great store by the boards exam. The 10th and 12th exams are two of the most important exams that you give according to what you’re told while growing up. So the fact that the house help decided to share it makes it all the more meaningful.

This particular tweet received a ton of love from the Internet. Many people took to the comment section and highlighted what a sweet gesture it is to include others in your own happiness.

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Have you ever been a part of someone else’s happiness? Or do you remember the last time you shared your happiness with someone else? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @PaneerMakkhani/Twitter