Man Pays Extra For Window Seat But What He Gets Is Total Disappointment. Alas!

by Tooba Shaikh
Man Pays Extra For Window Seat But What He Gets Is Total Disappointment. Alas!

Window seats are arguably the best part of a flight. More so if you’re not a frequent flyer. Looking at the world from up above, knowing that this view is only available to the privileged few, is probably one of the most memorable feelings. People willingly pay extra just for the window seat to enjoy this view, regardless of how long the flight is. In this particular instance, a man, presumably wanting to experience the same, paid extra for a window seat on a flight and instead, received disappointment.

Man Receives Disappointment Instead Of Window Seat On Flight

If you’re not a frequent flyer and have specially purchased the more expensive ticket for a window seat, you’d be pretty psyched for the view you’re gonna get. Imagine this man’s disappointment when he did this exact thing but instead of a window seat, received a wall.

That’s right, this man did get the innermost seat, however, there was no window there so he had to spend the flight sitting next to a wall. Anirudh Mittal, the man to whom this incident happened then took to Twitter, the micro-blogging website that is an ideal platform for such incidents, to express his disappointment. The tweet, needless to say, went viral.

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Twitter Sympathises With The Man

According to the tweet, the incident took place on a British Airways flight. Mittal posted a picture of the seat he was assigned on Twitter along with the caption “I paid extra for a right side window seat because it’s supposed to be beautiful when you land into Heathrow.” He then tagged the airlines asking “Where’s my window yo?”

The tweet went viral as the Twitterati sympathised with this sadly hilarious situation. Mittal even demanded that the airline answer for this situation as he noticed that his tweet was gaining traction. So far, there hasn’t been any response from the airlines.

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Cover Image Credits: @Anirudh Mittal/Twitter