Man Says ‘Luchi’ Is Women’s Affection In Bengali Households; Slammed For Misogynistic Views

by Sushmita Mahanta
Man Says ‘Luchi’ Is Women’s Affection In Bengali Households; Slammed For Misogynistic Views

Ek ‘Luchi’ fry karne ka effort tum kya jano Ramesh babu? Well, this is what Twitteratis are asking a man who touted the Bengali delicacy as an “expression of affection by women in Bengali households”. Recently, a tweet by a man identified as Sandeep Chakraborty went viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons! Chakraborty’s tweet with the picture of a delectable platter of ‘Luchi,’ drew criticism from numerous Twitter users because its not affection when women aren’t given a choice. Read on to know more about the ‘luchi’ incident where enraged netizens slammed Chakraborty for his misogynistic views.

Bengali delicacy ‘Luchi’ Lands Man In Trouble

On September 7, 2022, Sandeep Chakraborty took to Twitter to upload a picture of his food platter that had quite a few mouth-watering delicacies including ‘luchi’. But it was Chakraborty’s caption that got him into trouble on Twitter. The man wrote, “Traditional yet widely prevalent expression of affection by women in Bengali households, largely reserved for son’s in law but also extended to children & siblings, mostly denied to husbands. #loochi”. Soon after, his ‘luchi’ tweet went viral and enraged netizens deemed Chakraborty as a misogynist. Must say, the male entitlement of the man is astounding!
Take a look at his tweet:

Netizens React

The viral luchi tweet by Sandeep Chakraborty earned him a lot of criticism. One Twitter user writes, “Husband doesn’t have hands to make luchis?? The entitlement is nauseating,” while another adds, “Wives are not servant! Agar Luchi khaane ki itni talab hai then make it by yourself. Period.” Explaining the whole issue, a user named Jojo writes, “This is exactly the kind of ‘casual sexism’ that we need to come out of. We men need to wake up everyday and evolve, so that our children never use such sentences to describe a woman and her feelings towards anything. This is not appreciation but conditioning.”

Well, in spite of everything, at least people are speaking up about misconstruing exploitation as affection. All thanks to Luchi it seems!

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