MMRDA To Build A Wall In Mumbai’s Airoli To Prevent Damage From Landslides

by Tooba Shaikh
MMRDA To Build A Wall In Mumbai’s Airoli To Prevent Damage From Landslides

The summers are here, although the frequent rains that are happening in the region will make you believe otherwise. Monsoons will follow as soon as summer ends and though they are a lot of fun, they also bring with them, some risky road travelling. Landslides are a common phenomenon during the monsoon season. Not only are they dangerous and unsafe, but they can also even be fatal. In order to prevent damage from such landslides, MMRDA is building a wall in Airoli.

MMRDA To Build A Wall In Airoli To Prevent Damage

The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority or the MMRDA is planning on building a wall in Airoli near the Katai Naka hillock. This move is being made in order to prevent significant damage by any landslides that may take place during the monsoon season.

Monsoon season is notorious for landslides and if enough care isn’t taken, they can cause a lot of damage and can even kill people. As such, as a preventive measure against such a danger, the MMRDA is building a wall.

It will take a total of nine months for the wall to be completed and will cost around ₹73 crores. Furthermore, the wall will be made up of RCC or reinforced cement concrete. It will be close to the currently under-construction Airoli-Katai elevated road project.

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IIT Bombay Will Be Consulted

wall in Airoli
Credits: MMRDA/Website

Officials have also mentioned that for the purposes of building this wall experts from the Indian Institute of Technology or IIT Bombay will be consulted. Before this project, the MMRDA had also built a wall in Kandivali near the Bandongri hillock.

This wall was made after there was a landslide in the area in 2020. This landslide, though did not take any lives, did create a lot of traffic problems. Therefore, in order to prevent dealing with a similar situation in Airoli, the MMRDA officials have made this move.

The Airoli Katai Elevated road project is also about to be completed soon and when done, it will significantly ease traffic congestion for people travelling from Airoli to Kalya, Badlapur, and other places.

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Cover Image Credits: @MMRDA/Website