‘Momo Fallen On Dirty Floor Served To Customer’, Reddit Users Reveal Hygiene Issues In Bangalore Cloud Kitchen

by Sanjana Shenoy
‘Momo Fallen On Dirty Floor Served To Customer’, Reddit Users Reveal Hygiene Issues In Bangalore Cloud Kitchen

The COVID-19 pandemic gave birth to cloud kitchens or ghost kitchens. These are commercial kitchens that are set up solely for the purpose of preparing food to be home-delivered to customers. Setting up cloud kitchens require less overhead costs, fewer employees and less space, so it’s often preferred by food brands. But recently, a Reddit user who also claimed to work as a delivery partner shared shocking photos and information about a popular Bangalore cloud kitchen.

Reddit User Shares Pics & Info About Unhygienic Bangalore Cloud Kitchen

Reddit user, @dozing_dog took to the social news forum to share shocking pictures of the happenings of Bangalore cloud kitchen. The two photos show the unkept kitchen, terrible almost worn-down condition of equipment, and shelves. In another picture, you can spot a cook wearing a black t-shirt with Kouzina Food Tech printed on the back. This cloud kitchen houses popular brands like Cupcake Bliss, Dessert Zone, Warm Oven, Indiana Burgers, Momo Zone, Biryani Zone, Slurpy Shakes and Sundae Everyday.

Cloud kitchens are disgusting
by u/dozing_dog in bangalore

In his post, @dozing_dog elaborates that he works part-time in a food-delivery platform. The Reddit user goes on to state that he saw a cook place a momo that fell on the dirtiest floor of the cloud kitchen, back into the steamer. He couldn’t control himself on seeing this and decided to take to Reddit to inform people about the same. His title mentions that cloud kitchens are disgusting.

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Redditors Chime In & Share Their Experiences

It’s indeed shocking to see the pathetic condition of a popular cloud kitchen, let alone listen to the disgusting momo story. @abeeshst replied to the post that he worked at this cloud kitchen for a year. And he ended up leaving the place after getting into a huge fight with the manager over hygiene issues. @soulseeker31commented that he ordered soup from a “good place”. But the delivery man during hand off dissuaded him from ordering from this place again as he noticed cockroaches all over the place.

by u/Miserable_Oil_1161 from discussion Cloud kitchens are disgusting
in bangalore

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@ranpr pleaded everyone to learn to cook basic dishes like dal, chawal and roti. Even dosa and idli prepared from trusted batter like ID is better than having polluted food from these places, he says. In his words, it’s even better to eat fruits than eat food prepared in unhygienic conditions as it can cause colon cancer and oesophageal cancer.

Well, did you have a look at this post about a Bangalore cloud kitchen? Will you think twice about ordering from a cloud kitchen again?

Cover Image Courtesy: @dozing_dog/ Reddit and Canva