More Than 20 Children Fell Sick After Eating Khichdi At A Bhandara In Baghpat, UP!

by Shreya Ghosh
More Than 20 Children Fell Sick After Eating Khichdi At A Bhandara In Baghpat, UP!

Some people of Faizpir Ninana village in Uttar Pradesh fell sick recently. And the reason behind this is food poisoning. According to a report by Parda Phash, almost 40 people fell ill after they consumed khichdi from a bhadara. In a temple of Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat, a bhandara was organised for Navratri. Many people who ate the khichdi here suffered from food poisoning and some even had to visit the hospital. The patients were rushed to the Baghpat district hospital. Read on to know all about this unfortunate food poisoning situation.

What Really Happened After People Ate Khichdi In The Bhandara?

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There were many children who started feeling sick very soon after eating from the bhandara. 21 children had to be admitted to the Baghpat district hospital and underwent proper treatment. Police officials and people from the health department had to visit the place as people started getting ill all of a sudden. Rajkamal Yadav, the District Magistrate said that this situation occurred on Sunday evening, according to a report by News Drum.

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After so much chaos and sudden stress of young people falling sick after eating the khichdi, the District Magistrate shared positive news that the children are now in stable condition. He also added that the hospital has two paediatricians for the admitted children.

People Fell Really Sick For Sometime

Many people started vomiting right after eating from the bhandara. They felt dizzy and had to throw up for some time. The food poisoning led to many children facing many issues as they started fainting too. All the problems were taken care of very soon with the officials reaching the spot at the earliest. They were admitted to the Baghpat district hospital very soon and stayed under proper treatment to feel better.

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According to a Parda Phash report, one of the paediatricians, Dr Satyaprakash said that there can be a chance of any intoxicant element added to the food. People who ate khichdi in the bhandara in much amounts or had lethargy in their bodies suffered from food poisoning and had to undergo proper treatment at the Baghpat district hospital.

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