Most Punctual Airlines 2023: Etihad Secures Top Rank For The Most On-Time Flights In MENA Region

by Deeplata Garde
Most Punctual Airlines 2023: Etihad Secures Top Rank For The Most On-Time Flights In MENA Region

Delayed flights are the worst to deal with (not when you are late to catch your plane due to traffic) isn’t it? So the flights that are punctual every time should be rewarded for their continuous effort to provide a swift travel experience to people. Hence, the global aviation analytics group OAG awarded the most punctual airlines in the Middle East. And the award goes to…….Etihad!

Etihad Has Bagged The Top Position For The Most Punctual Airlines

According to global aviation analytics firm OAG, Etihad Airways is the most punctual airline in the Middle East as well as one of the most punctual carriers globally. Etihad Airways obtained an on-time arrival score of 83.4 per cent within 15 minutes in the first half of 2023. That’s some speed!

According to OAG’s Punctuality League ratings for 2023, Etihad is one of the few commercial carriers in the Middle East that routinely performs above 80% on-time arrival performance. And due to its on-time arrival and departure, it has one of the least cancellation rates in the world.

OAG defines on-time performance as a plane landing within 15 minutes of its planned time. It is a common benchmark in the airline industry that takes into consideration the wide variety of variable circumstances that might impact operations.

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Top 5 Middle Eastern Carriers In Punctuality League 2023

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To create its newest Punctuality League report, OAG examined the world’s 250 largest airlines by available seat kilometres. OAG also restricted its analysis to carriers for which it possessed status data for at least 80% of its flights. In terms of commercial aviation, the UAE is an intriguing country since it has two flag airlines. One of them is Etihad Airways, while the other is Emirates, with the Dubai-based airline ranking second by the tiniest of margins. Let’s find out the other ones that secured the rankings.

  1. Etihad Airways, 81.14% OTP
  2. Emirates, 81.13% OTP
  3. Gulf Air, 79.92% OTP
  4. Qatar Airways, 77.50% OTP
  5. FLYNAS, 68.25% OTP

OTP here means On-Time Performance of the flights. For the ones wondering whether all aircraft of the airlines are considered for this survey. Let us tell you that these calculations are only based on passenger flights and no cargo flights are counted.

So next time you know which flight to book if you want to have a safe and quick travel to the Middle East.

Cover Image Courtesy: Etihad/ Twitter