5 Most Secluded Beaches In Pondicherry To Explore Before They Become Mainstream

secluded beaches in pondicherry
by Sanjana Shenoy

Whether you’re a Sagittarian, yearning to break into travel mode, a Piscean dreaming of blue waters or a beach-loving traveller, a trip to Pondicherry must be on your wishlist. The French Capital of India, houses post-card perfect colonial buildings, cute cafes, lush greenery and the most beautiful beaches, you’d ever see. With abundant natural beauty packed with azure glimmering waters, the beaches in Pondy, offer serenity and seclusion. So, here are the 6 most secluded beaches in Pondicherry you must explore before they come mainstream.

1. Serenity Beach

Pondicherry offers you serenity. Literally! Just as the name suggests, Serenity Beach is all about relaxing experiences in the virgin beauty of soft white sand coupled with the pristine seawater. Get away from your bumbling hectic schedules, as you enjoy perfect solitude with your loved one at this beach. Explore the bustling beach cafes, shop at the flea market and dabble in an array of water sporting activities like kayaking, catamaran ride and canoeing here.

secluded beaches in pondicherry

Picture Credits: adotrip.com

2. Mahe Beach

A much-needed respite from civilisation, Mahe Beach is surrounded by lush green palm trees. When it comes to activities, Mahe Beach has neither water sports nor food trucks. And that gives you all the more space to sit down, relax and enjoy the art of doing nothing. Witness unparalleled scenic beauty and seclusion here without any disturbances. Watch fishermen going about their fishing activities, while you swim, build sandcastles or just laze around in relaxation. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pondicherry that you must visit.

secluded beaches in pondicherry

Picture Credits: spectralhues.com

3. Reppo Beach

Reppo Beach is situated to the north of Pondicherry. To breathe in the unspoilt beauty of this beach, you’d have to embark on a ferry first to reach this isolated beach. Reppo offers you stunning views of sailing boats in the backdrop. It’s one of the most therapeutic sightseeing spots in the region. Tourists often visit here early morning to catch a glimpse of the glorious sunrise. When you’re at Reppo Beach, slurp of refreshing tender coconut water and gorge on fresh seafood at tiny shacks along the beach. Since it’s a secluded beach, you can expect lesser tourists here than in other beaches. So, before it becomes too mainstream, you must make it a point, to visit here.

secluded beaches in pondicherry

Picture Credits: oyorooms.com

4. Quiet Beach

One of the most underrated beaches in Pondy, Quiet Beach ensures you enjoy a quiet, secluded quality time with your loved ones. As the name suggests, spend ample time taking a stroll here or just watching the sunset. Swimming and surfing can also be on the cards. Situated 8km from the city, Quiet Beach is one the cleanest beaches in Pondicherry. The soothing sea breeze, unparalleled views and utter solitude, also makes this a romantic hotspot in the French Capital of India.

secluded beaches in pondicherry

Picture Credits: oyorooms.com

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5. Karaikal Beach

Karaikal Beach in Ponicherry is another name that can be added to the destination’s list of unspoilt beaches. Featuring a relaxing atmosphere with warm sand and cool waters, this beach has something for everyone. With an amazing food court, spacious parking lot, your needs will be taken care of at this one-stop destination. Take a serene stroll along this virgin beach which is ideal for a rejuvenating vacation and a fun water sporting time. Play volleyball, picnic with your family or just lie down and bask in the unending views of the sea. Karaikal Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Pondicherry.

secluded beaches in pondicherry

Picture Credits: trekearth.com

Water babies! These were some of the most stunning yet hidden beaches of Pondicherry. So, don’t forget to add these to your itinerary the next time you plan to visit this gorgeous destination.