5 Most Underrated Hill Stations In Uttarakhand That People Do Not Search On The Internet

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Most Underrated Hill Stations In Uttarakhand That People Do Not Search On The Internet

When you plan a trip to Uttarakhand, you’d definitely add stunning hill stations like Mussoorie, Nainital, Auli and Mukteshwar to your itinerary.  But Uttarakhand is much more than this. There are plenty of underrated hill stations in this state that people don’t search on Google or have no clue of their names. Well, we’re here to guide you. So, here are the 5 most underrated hill stations in Uttarakhand to enjoy a peaceful, secluded holiday, away from the touristy spots.

1. Sitlakhet

Sita Estate or better known as Sitlakhet is nestled close to Mukteshwar in Kumaon Himalayas. Sitlakhet is famous for its fruit orchards. Stay in a cosy homestay, and enjoy the exotic surroundings in this untouched hilly retreat. This quaint village in the Almora district has a lot of sightseeing spots that hold spiritual significance. Some of them are Jhula Devi Temple and Syahi Devi Temple. And don’t forget to visit Chaubattia Orchards to take a tour and bite into the fresh juicy fruits.

underrated hill stations in uttarakhand
Picture Credits: aquaterra.in

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2. Chopta

Chopta is popularly called the ‘Mini Switzerland’ of India. While it’s often the starting point for treks to Chandrashila and Tungnath, tourists rarely visit this hill station for a vacation. Chopta is renowned for the Tungnath temple built for Lord Shiva. It’s a perfect hill station for adventure lovers who can trek through luscious forests of pine and deodar and explore the vibrant flora and fauna. Witness splendid views of the mountain ranges like Nanda Devi and Trishul.

underrated hill stations in uttarakhand
Picture Credits: chopta.in

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3. Khurpatal

Tucked away at a mesmerising height of 1,635 meters above sea level, Khurpatal is Uttarakhand’s best-kept secret. This is a beautiful getaway that can be accessed just 12 km from Nainital. It’s surrounded by lofty pine and cedar trees that offer stunning panoramic views of the mountains. Fishing enthusiasts flock to Khurpatal as the famous emerald-blue-green lake houses a wide variety of fish species. It’s perfect for photography and for relaxing nature walks in the rustic vegetable farms.

underrated hill stations in uttarakhand
Picture Credits: bugyalvalley.com

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4. Naukuchiatal

Naukuchiatal translates to ‘nine cornered lake’. The locals believe that someone who can see the nine corners of the Naukuchia lake at one glance attains nirvana or is freed from the cycles of birth and rebirth. It’s truly worth visiting this hill station just to catch a glimpse of the pristine lake. Tourists can also visit here for boating and paragliding activities.  Stay at the tourist rest house behind the lake, and spend time connecting with yourself and your loved ones.

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Chaukori, nestled 530km away from Delhi, is a well connected but underrated hill station in Uttarakhand. This quaint town offers stellar views of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot and Panchachuli Peak. The scenic beauty and divine temples are reasons that attract travel enthusiasts who want a break from the bustling hill stations of Mussoorie and Nainital. Visit Chaukori to get a mesmerising view of the sunrise from the peaks.

So, travel enthusiasts, these are some of the most underrated hill stations in Uttarakhand that’s perfect for social distancing and catching up with yourself.