Motorman Stops Local Trains To Pee On The Tracks

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Motorman Stops Local Trains To Pee On The Tracks

The Mumbai locals are a microcosm of activities in itself. From daily vendors of food and household items to schoolkids and hurried passengers, every day is a struggle that needs to be undertaken no matter what. Count the train operators and you know it’s a world of pain what with people being lax and crossing the tracks all the time. But in a bizarre event that transpired 2 days back, this Motorman got down to answer nature’s call, halting the local train in the process.

What Happened?

Captured live on video, a local train operator climbed out of the train, halted another incoming train to take a leak on the tracks. The video was made by a curious onlooker who decided to capture the moment as soon as the operator got out of the train. It is currently being processed by authorities for its authenticity. The incident took place between Ulhasnagar Station and Vitthalwadi Station.

Credits: Mid-day

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Why Did He Do It?

Although this might come across as dereliction of duty on part of the motorman but if you heard the rules they have to follow you might be more empathetic. So in cases where the automobile drivers have to use the washroom, they are directed to issue an SOS signal directly to the control room wherein there request will be processed and adequate arrangements will be made at the next station.


Moreover, there are no regulations for drivers in case of emergencies. They have to wait until the next station arrives before they can answer the call of nature. Sounds a bit cruel to me because when you have to go, you have to go. And looks like that’s what this motorman had to resort to as well in order to relieve himself and carry on without any personal accidents.

Why Does This Happen?

The motormen generally are entitled to 3 hours of chores but it is also a fact that there are very few motormen out there and that is why such a situation was witnessed. So before you judge the guy and make fun of him or call him out for violating his duty, just try to put yourself in his shoes and imagine if you could have done it any different.

How To Prevent This?

Better accommodative spaces and facilities as basic as accessible washrooms for the motormen is a start I’d say. What suggestions do you all have? Let us know in the comments section below.

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