Mumbai Commuters Perform Yoga Asanas In Train While Travelling

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mumbai Commuters Perform Yoga Asanas In Train While Travelling

Mumbaikars! How do you spend your time commuting on a train? Watching movies on the phone, listening to music, gossiping or perhaps catching up on reading. Well, a group of Mumbai commuters performed yoga asanas on a train while travelling. After all, why not use the travel time productively right? Read on to know more.

Ruchita Shah Teaches Yoga In Mumbai Locals

According to an India TV News report, Ruchita Shah a Mumbai-based journalist and avid yoga practitioner came up with the idea of practising yoga on a train. She started teaching yoga to commuters in Mumbai locals in 2017. It started as a fun activity for 15 to 20 people. Now, it’s a full-blown foundation that helps commuters perform yoga from Borivali to Grant Road to Bandra and back home.

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Picture Credits: Free Press Journal

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Celebrating International Yoga Day In Style

Ruchita Shah took permission from Western Railways to celebrate International Yoga Day in 2017 on a train. Commuters performed simple asanas like focus breathing and stretching exercises that can be done sitting or standing even in crowded trains. On international Yoga Day on June 21, a team of 30 to 45 yoga teachers and commuters performed yoga on Mumbai trains. She has indeed paved the way for how yoga can be done anytime, anywhere. Yoga can even be done on a yacht. How? Well, watch this video to know more.