Mumbai Police Seizes 21,000 Vehicles For Flouting 2 Km Radius Rule

Mumbai Police seized a total of 16,291 vehicles on June 29. This is on the second day of a crackdown of journey distance violations amid the coronavirus pandemic. The police issued a diktat on June 28, under the #MissionBeginAgain. If people travel more than 2km radius from their houses for any activity apart from medical emergencies or official purposes, their personal vehicles can be seized by the Mumbai police. On the first day of this rule, on June 28, Mumbai Police seized 5000 vehicles. And now on the second day, the police seized 16,291 vehicles as people violated the 2km radius rule putting their lives at risk.

mumbai police seize 16000 vehicles

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Mumbai Police Seize 16,291 Vehicles Of Violators Commuting Beyond 2 km Radius

The police imposed a rule prohibiting people from commuting beyond  2-km radius from their homes in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus.  The Mumbai Police can seize the personal vehicles of people for flouting this 2-km radius diktat. This rule, however, doesn’t apply to essential service workers. Essential service providers working under the state government can commute in Mumbai locals. 

mumbai police seize 16000 vehicles

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On June 29, the second day since imposition of the rule, the police seized a whopping 16,291 vehicles in Mumbai. Out of the 12 police zones in the city the number of vehicles seized were 875, 654, 392, 430, 159, 1138, 1823, 187, 582, 461, 389 and 418. Police deployed at the port zone seized 172 vehicles, taking the total to 7,680.  An official states that the traffic unit of Mumbai Police seized 8,611 vehicles. This includes 1601 private cars, 6241 two-wheelers, 474 autorickshaws and 295 taxis on June 29.

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Mumbai Police acted tough on violators and seized over 16,000 vehicles in just 24 hours. They took to Twitter to inform “16,291 vehicles were seized on 29 June for violating the rules of phase-wise unlocking. We request citizens to cooperate by adhering to the guidelines. Do not travel unnecessarily without any valid reason (emergency/essentials) or for any non-permitted activity and #BeatTheVirus.”

Many Citizens Took To Twitter To Express Their Rage Over This Rule

However, many citizens took to Twitter to express their anger. A Twitter user @aseembhatti states “I travelled today for a very valid reason and that is to go to my office. However, at the nakabandi, no one even bothered to hear my reason or give me a chance to show the permit provided. What lockdown rule did I violate?”

Another Twitterati tweets “How many hours wasted of people who were travelling for a genuine reason? How much fuel wasted? Shopkeepers going to work don’t have ID cards, what should they do? Do a proper lockdown if need be.” Maharashtra government imposed a lockdown in the state till July 31. When it comes to Mumbaikars, they are not permitted to step beyond the 2 km radius unless it’s for a medical emergency or for office work. And if you do miss commuting amid the lockdown, then you can always take a lovely Mumbai virtual tour from the comfort of your home. 

Sanjana Shenoy
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