Mumbai-Pune Expressway Hit With Landslide, Expect Jams; Plan Your Weekend Ventures With Caution

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbai-Pune Expressway Hit With Landslide, Expect Jams; Plan Your Weekend Ventures With Caution

Like every year, Mumbai is witnessing incessant rainfall in several areas. Additionally, several places are experiencing waterlogging. And if you are taking the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, expect traffic jams on the route! It was hit by a landslide probably because of excessive rainfall. Here is all you need to know about the current situation on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway route.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway Hit By A Landslide!

mumbai-pune expressway
Credits: Wikimedia

A new landslide that was blocking the movement of vehicles on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway near the Kamshet tunnel was reported on Thursday night. The Highway Police officers were on the spot and work was being done to collect debris from the busy 6-lane road.

In order to clear the debris and muck, one of the three roads leading to Mumbai was closed. Earlier, a block (traffic suspension) was put in place at the Adoshi tunnel to remove stones and boulders that had slid down the slopes, closing vehicle traffic headed towards Mumbai for more than two hours.

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From 12 pm to 2 pm, the highway police shut down the busy route’s Mumbai-bound side. From 2:30 pm onward, vehicles were permitted on the road. On 23 July, traffic between the Talegaon-Urse portion of the expressway was hampered by a landslide that occurred during relentless rain close to the Adoshi tunnel.

Traffic Jams Expected On The Route

The Borghat highway police and Raigad police officers flocked to the scene, and with the aid of dumpers and earthmovers, the rubble was cleared. Around 2:30 am on Monday, two lanes on the Pune to Mumbai side were made available for traffic.

According to reports, the third lane, which is close to the hilly terrain, is still closed due to concern over further landslides. The expressway between Pune and Mumbai will be closed to traffic on Monday from midday to two o’clock in order to clear any debris or large stones that may fall from the hills, according to the highway police. Maharashtra has had considerable rainfall in various regions over the previous few days.

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During the severe downpours on Thursday, Thane and Raigad, two neighbouring districts, each received over 100 mm of rain, while Mumbai witnessed waterlogging and jams in several areas.

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