Mumbaikars Can Now Rent Bicycles To Commute Between Metro 2A And Metro 7 Stations

by Shreya Ghosh
Mumbaikars Can Now Rent Bicycles To Commute Between Metro 2A And Metro 7 Stations

Mumbaikars, brace yourselves for amazing news. You can now commute more easily than before and decrease your time to travel from place to place. You can now rent bicycles to travel between Metro 2A and Metro 7 stations conveniently with this public bicycle sharing facility. This is a great decision and will help the people to avoid the crowd and bustle of various modes of transport, people can easily hire bicycles and avoid all the unnecessary inconveniences.

‘Rent Bicycles’ Facility Runs Between Metro 2A And Metro 7 Stations

On 2 April 2022, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray inaugurated new metro lines. These two metro lines are Metro 2A from Dahisar to Dhanukar Wadi and Metro 7 from Aarey to Dahisar. The launch of ‘Rent A Bicycle’ happened for this route to improve the present situation of travelling and take less time to reach. The facility of renting bicycles between Metro 7 and Metro 2A will help the commuters to travel conveniently.

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For this project, MMRDA and MYBYK partnered with each other. For the moment, the number of GPS-enabled bicycles available will be 10. The numbers will increase with the increase in demand for this newly-launched facility. Commuters will have to pay only ₹2  per hour to avail of the service. In fact, they can rent the bicycles for 30 days and pay a charge of ₹799. There will also be parking and maintenance facilities.

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Image Credit- Pixabay

Steps To Avail This Facility:

If you want to rent a bicycle, the first thing you need to do is download the application named ‘My Bike’ (MYBYK). The next step is to open the lock of the bicycle on that app. Wait for the lock to open. You will get access to it from any of these metro stations once the lock opens.