Mumbaikars Flout Social Distancing Norms Along Marine Drive

by Suchismita Pal
Mumbaikars Flout Social Distancing Norms Along Marine Drive

When the entire world is gripped by the coronavirus scare, a sight from Mumbai’s Marine Drive startled the entire nation. The Maharashtra government had recently announced ‘Mission Begin Again’, allowing all market areas and shops in non-containment zones to open up on an odd-even basis. The government had also permitted limited outdoor activities from 5 AM to 7 PM. Just days after the relaxations came into effect, a large number of Mumbaikars flocked into Marine drive for walks and jogs, flouting all social distancing norms.

Mumbaikars Are Back On Road, Defying Social Distancing Norms

The first Saturday of June in Mumbai witnessed something very unusual amid the pandemic. The empty avatar of Marine Drive beach was replaced by a street jam-packed with walkers in facemasks. Pictures and videos of the crowd soon started doing rounds on social media sites and many netizens reprimanded the Mumbaikars for their negligence.

The government has started over the ‘unlock cycle’ to revive the economy. But stepping out still isn’t any safer. Maharashtra is the Indian state that is worst hit by coronavirus. The confirmed cases in Maharashtra has touched 82,968 with nearly 2,969 deaths. The numbers are undoubtedly frightening, but people don’t seem to be much alarmed by them.

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What Else?

Not only in Mumbai, people in other cities too are not following the norms of social distancing properly. Take Kolkata for example. After the lockdown restrictions eased down in West Bengal, the government advised that only 20 passengers should board the buses at one time. But most people do not seem to adhere to the measures, as many buses are all overcrowded like before. As per reports, some conductors tried to keep the number of commuters under control, but people were forcefully entering the buses.

Mumbaikars Social Distancing
Picture Credits: TOI

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The country is opening up gradually. But to curb the spread of the virus, it’s extremely crucial for every individual to act responsibly. One careless person can turn out to be a threat to a thousand others if tested positive. Remember, the doctors, nurses and other frontliners are still working day and night to eradicate the deadly infection.