Mumbai’s Iconic Chembur Camp Has Been Completely Sealed Off!

by Gizel Menezes
Mumbai’s Iconic Chembur Camp Has Been Completely Sealed Off!

While we’re all trying hard to accept this new normal everyday, at times, it’s so difficult to fathom that the city that never slept, the city of dreams, our beloved Mumbai, has been put into a deep slumber because of the coronavirus pandemic!

And news has it that one of Mumbai’s iconic food gallis has become the latest victim of the coronavirus pandemic  and has been completely sealed off!

Mumbai’s Iconic Chembur Camp Has Been Completely Sealed Off

The ever-so-bustling area of Chembur Camp has been completely sealed due to a surge in the coronavirus cases in the area. Known for its Sindhi and Punjabi food joints, the thriving food galli has been turned into a containment area and put to rest.

All the famous lanes within Chembur Camp have been sealed off. Be it the one where the iconic Sattu Sweets stands towards Ranjit Ka Dhaba, or the RCF and Venus gallis, all of them have been contained with a number of police vans patrolling around.

Chembur Camp is one of Mumbai’s iconic khau gallis, and is known for tiny food stalls, including some Sindhi and Punjabi food joints, that have been serving mouth-watering treats since generations.

While we know many places in Mumbai have been sealed off and it has to be done for our own good, it’s upsetting to see our one of favorite places completely shut down like that!

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Coronavirus Cases In Mumbai

Meanwhile, the coronavirus tally in Mumbai seems to be going up every single day. The coronavirus cases in the city have shot up to 15,581 while the death toll has risen to 595.

According to HT, the number of containment zones in the city has increased by 27% on average, with 2,643 current containment zones in the city. While a recent individual analysis by a Mumbai-based urban designer notes that 25% of Mumbai’s population is now living in containment zones. This is so scary, isn’t it?

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Take a look at how Chembur Camp used to be once upon a time!