Nagaland Minister Temjen Shares Pics of Veggies of Nagaland, Calls the Post “Only For Vegetarians”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Nagaland Minister Temjen Shares Pics of Veggies of Nagaland, Calls the Post “Only For Vegetarians”

Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along keeps winning the hearts of netizens with his witty and humorous posts on Twitter. The minister is loved by everyone for his humble nature and amazing sense of humour, which is evident from his posts. The funny and clever minister recently posted some pictures of Nagaland veggies on his Twitter account. Do you know the names of these veggies? Well, let’s get to know them!

Nagaland Minister Temjen Posts Nagaland Veggies

Temjen Imna Along is known to share self-deprecating, funny, and witty posts, He also posts pictures from his home state of Nagaland and promotes it.  

Recently, he posted pictures of different veggies that are very prominent in the state of Nagaland. He captioned this post “Only for Vegetarians”. 

We tried to identify these vegetables from Nagaland. The pictures posted by Temjen included important veggies from the state like Lillok (bitter eggplant), pea eggplant, Thai basil, Xaak (fiddlehead fern), pumpkin leaves, bamboo shoot, bitter gourd, and melons. 

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Netizens Were Thankful

The pictures posted on Twitter have by far garnered over 13.8K views and over 1,300 likes. There has always been a notion among people that Nagaland has only non-vegetarian dishes. 

Breaking those notions, Temjen posted pictures of vegetables that are used prominently in Nagaland and hence named the post “Only for Vegetarians”. 

Netizens thanked the Nagaland minister for sharing pictures of these veggies with his followers. All the vegetarians posted comments and thanked the minister. One of the users also spoke about how people think that the state serves only non-vegetarian cuisine. 

Another user shared a quick non-vegetarian dish recipe using some of the veggies posted by Temjen. 

One user praised Temjen, saying that he is good with crisis management as he shared a vegetarian post for all his veg followers. 

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Did you know these veggies?

Cover Image Courtesy: @temjenimnaalong/Twitter