Namaste Trump! India To Soon Welcome Luxury Homes & Office Spaces Built By Trump Firm

by Tooba Shaikh
Namaste Trump! India To Soon Welcome Luxury Homes & Office Spaces Built By Trump Firm

Donald Trump’s real estate firm has an Indian partner called Tribeca. It is an asset-light real estate company and, outside of North America, is the largest developer of Trump properties. Until now, Tribeca was mainly involved with luxury residential projects. However, it is now planning on expanding its scope in India and is exploring other market domains. Primarily, Tribeca is targeting office spaces & luxury homes. It is all set to sink its teeth in this new market.

Office Spaces & Luxury Homes Built By Trump Firm In India

After establishing itself in the luxury residential market, Tribeca, which is the Indian partner of Trump’s real estate firm, is now all set to explore the luxury office and luxury villa spaces. It aims to expand its business in India by entering into these erstwhile unexplored markets. In addition to this, they are also planning on taking their luxury homes brand to other major cities of India like Bangalore and Hyderabad.

office spaces & luxury homes
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The Executive Vice President of The Trump Organisation and son of Donald Trump, the former US President, Donald Trump Jr. mentioned that they were ready to refocus on expanding their business in India. They were unable to do this primarily because of his father’s presidency and though he plans on going for the presidency again in 2024, in the meantime, they’ll focus on expanding their business in India.

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Tribeca To Add 5000 Crore Worth Of Projects

According to the founder of Tribeca Developers, Kalpesh Mehta, the luxury residential market has grown exponentially in the last two years and they aim to double their sales in the coming year. In order to do this, they plan on adding ₹5000 crore worth of brand-new projects.

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