Namo Bharat: Curly Tales Gives You An Exclusive Look Inside India’s Fastest Train; Check It Out

Namo Bharat is a game-changing inclusion to Indian rail transportation.

by Shreya Ghosh
Namo Bharat: Curly Tales Gives You An Exclusive Look Inside India’s Fastest Train; Check It Out

India is growing and transforming and the immense development and expansion in all sectors is testimony to the massive progress of the nation. One of the many sectors that are witnessing revolutionary changes is the railways. Rail travel experiences are getting enhanced and India now has Namo Bharat which has an unbelievable design speed of 180 km/h.

Here’s A CT Exclusive Video Of Namo Bharat

Check out this Curly Tales exclusive YouTube video that gives you important information about India’s fastest train. Now, witness the future of rail travel in our country virtually!

Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani recently had the amazing opportunity to explore the fastest train in India and it was a fascinating experience. From sharing beautiful glimpses of the experience to showing cutting-edge features and advanced technology, the design of the train is simply extraordinary and a groundbreaking inclusion to the vast world of Indian rail transportation.

One of the many eye-catching things about Namo Bharat is its sleek design. Both the interiors and exteriors of the train reflect comfort and luxury. The seats provide the utmost comfort and the arrangements are spacious as well. The state-of-the-art amenities focus on offering the best journeys and experiences to passengers onboard.

The RRTS network will be providing extensive multi-modal integration with rail and metro stations, and bus facilities, in line with the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan.

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Here’s All About The Country’s Fastest Train:

Namo Bharat
Picture credit- Internal
  • This is India’s first-ever regional rapid train connecting Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Meerut conveniently.
  • Phase 1 of the inter-city rail project covering 17 km has been launched already. The overall 82 km stretch will be launched by May 2025.
  • With high speed, the journey of 2-3 hours from Ghaziabad and Meerut to Delhi will take less than an hour.
  • Each ticket price to travel on the standard coach is priced between ₹20 and ₹50. To travel on the premium coach, the fare jumps between ₹40 and ₹100. Kamiya Jani got her ticket by purchasing tickets using an online payment method. It is the nation’s first UPI-enabled ticket vending machine. Passengers can also use the National Common Mobility Card, debit card, and credit card.
  • Authorities believe this train will reduce about one lakh cars commuting on the road. This is indeed a great step to reduce traffic congestion and pollution.
  • The nation’s first urban train corridor’s station looks spectacular with amazing services and a focus on security and safety.

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Are you excited to travel on the Namo Bharat train?

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