Natasha Monteiro & Gargi Mandlik Tried The Bhut Jolokia Momo Challenge At Bamey’s Cafe In Bengaluru

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Natasha Monteiro & Gargi Mandlik Tried The Bhut Jolokia Momo Challenge At Bamey’s Cafe In Bengaluru

Momos, hamara pehla pyaar. But do you have what it takes to polish off a plate comprising 10 momos made with the spiciest chilli there is in the whole wide world: the rightfully dreaded Bhut Jolokia. One can always try, right? if you win, there are free spicy momos for 2 whole months for you at Bamey’s Cafe in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Do you dare to eat 10 Bhut Jolokia momos swimming in bhut jolokia sauce? Well, Natasha Montiero and Gargi Mandlik from team Curly Tales took the challenge, let’s see if they made it through.

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The Challenge
Finish 10 Bhut Jolokia momos in just 10 mins and get free momos for 2 months at Bameys Cafe in Koramangala. All ten momos are made up of one key ingredient, the bhut jolokia, also known as Ghost pepper. It’s the spiciest chilli in the world with one chilli being spicier than even 5000 green chillis put together! Now that’s a mouthful like no other. These momos will be fried and drenched in a gravy which also will be made with Bhut Jolokia. It is as spicy as it can get people.

Natasha Monteiro & Gargi Mandlik from Curly Tales took the challenge and watch to see if they won or lost! We’re sweating already.

You know something’s fishy when the chef has to wear a mask when cooking these fiery momos. Natasha Monteiro could only manage 2 before backing out. For all those out there who love momos and think they are the master of spices and can eat the spiciest food of all, think again. Even seasoned spice masters cannot go through the deadly bhut jolokia.

Even water won’t cut the pain your mouth is going to be in! And that’s where the catch is. You will only be declared the winner if you can go through all 10 of the bhut jolokia momos WITHOUT stopping in between and also finishing the bhut jolokia sauce with only ONE glass of water. 11 people have won so far out of the 400 who tried, including Gargi Mandlik from Curly Tales who is the 11th winner! We are so proud.

Do you think you can be the 12th? Head over to Bamey’s now in Bengaluru and try your luck! We wish you all the best. Make sure your health permits you to take the challenge though. It’s Bhut Jolokia, not cake.

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Address: Bamey’s Restro Cafe, A/5, Ground Floor, KHB Colony, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore, Karnataka 560034
Timings: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm
Price: Veg Bhut Momos: Rs 200
Non Veg: Rs 220
Contact: 080 4110 2071