Neena Gupta Shares Unique Way Of Making Nimbu Pani While Shooting In Kerala; We’re Taking Tips!

by Shreya Ghosh
Neena Gupta Shares Unique Way Of Making Nimbu Pani While Shooting In Kerala; We’re Taking Tips!

Every time we step outside our houses, we come across street food stalls selling nimbu pani or lemonade. We find such shops probably all around us mostly in this scorching summer season. Neena Gupta also found out about such a stall during her filming schedule in Kerala and she discovered a new way of making nimbu pani. The process is quite unique and unlike what we see usually.

Neena Gupta Discovered A New Technique Of Preparing Nimbu Pani

The actor has been sharing several posts on her social media from Kerala. She is currently in the state for her work commitments. During her stay in Kerala, she shared a video on Instagram showing a new way of making this summer-special refreshing drink.


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The video opens with a person making lots of lemonade in a mixer. He adds a ladle of refined sugar into a blender and fills it with water. Then he blends everything together for some time and adds two whole lemons inside the mixture. Once again, he mixes everything in the blending jar for some time. Then he uses a sieve to pour the nimbu pani into a steel mug.

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Undoubtedly, this process of making nimbu pani is not seen in many places. If you ask us, even we have not seen anyone making this drink by blending everything in a mixer jar, even the lemons with their skin.

Netizens React To This Video Of Making Nimbu Pani

Neena Gupta
Picture credit- Canva

Neena Gupta not only has a fanbase for her excellent acting skills but she is also loved by Netizens for her social media uploads. Be it witty captions or travel videos or fun posts, we enjoy scrolling through her social media platforms. This time, Instagrammers are sharing their views and opinions by commenting on this nimbu pani-making video. It is safe to safe to say that many are both confused and surprised to see someone making this drink using this process. An Instagrammer commented, “It wasn’t bitter because of lemon peel?”. Another user wrote, “Chilke ka taste bhi aata hoga”.

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Have you ever come across a food stall that makes nimbu pani using a mixer following this process?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Neena Gupta, Canva