Nellore Railway Station: Foundation & Concreting Completed; Working On Air Concourse!

by Shreya Rathod
Nellore Railway Station: Foundation & Concreting Completed; Working On Air Concourse!

Nellore Railway Station in Andhra Pradesh comes under the Vijayawada Railway Division of the South Coast Railway Zone. Earlier in September 2022, the authorities had proposed its redevelopment. According to this, the station would be modernised at the cost of ₹102 crores. Recently, the Ministry of Railways posted an update on the redevelopment of the Nellore Railway Station.

Nellore Railway Station Redevelopment Update

Around December 2022, the ambitious project of the Nellore Railway Station Redevelopment started. In fact, it was expected to be completed within a period of 21 months. According to the Ministry of Railways, they were aiming to provide world-class amenities to passengers. They have posted an update on the construction of this railway station. According to the tweet, the foundation and concreting on the East and West sides are completed. Currently, they are working on an air concourse and cover over the platform. They have posted images of how the station would look after completion.

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A contract for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) is being used for the reconstruction. The project’s design, sourcing, construction, commissioning, and handover all fall under the purview of the contractor. Hyderabad-based SCL Infratech Ltd. has been awarded the contract. By May 2024, the project is anticipated to be finished.

Importance Of The Project

nellore railway station
Credits: Ministry Of Railways/ Twitter

Along the significant Grand Trunk route is the Nellore Railway Station. The city is visited by a sizable number of rail travellers going for business, religious, and educational purposes. Currently, the station sees about 30,000 passengers each day, with that number set to increase. In order to handle both existing and future passenger demand, Nellore Railway Station has been included in the list of stations being refurbished under the EPC mode.

According to the SCR general manager, they would be monitoring the upgrading activities at Nellore Railway Station at every stage. In order for the building to begin, he revealed that the site offices, concrete lab, and storage sheds have been completed. IIT Madras was given the planned East side station building’s design for review.

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Geological investigations, including soil testing, water table positioning, and standard bearing capacity tests, were conducted along with a survey of the entire station property.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Railways/ Twitter