Nevada’s Fly Geyser Is A Surreal Wonder That Looks Like Its On Another Planet

by Tania Tarafdar
Nevada’s Fly Geyser Is A Surreal Wonder That Looks Like Its On Another Planet

We always fantasise about travelling to far and distant worlds, don’t we? Luckily our planet is full of otherworldly and alien places that are just a plane ride away. There are many  scenic spots to behold in America, but one of the fascinating sights is the multi-coloured Fly Geyser which, is a must-see for all visiting Nevada. Here’s why this manmade wonder should be on your bucket list:


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Fly Geyser: The Tale Of Its Creation

Back in the 20th century, people living in Fly Ranch decided to carry out irrigation in the desert region. They drilled a well and managed to find water. But their hopes soon washed away when they realised that the water was scalding with 200 degrees Fahrenheit. People left the well as it was not ideal for irrigation. Meanwhile, the hot water continued to ooze out of the well for several decades, forming calcium carbonate deposits. The cone-shaped structure and the mount and terraces that we can see now is nothing but the dissolved minerals surrounding the geyser.

Fly Geyser (Wikimedia commons))

Very interestingly, In 1964 an energy firm drilled a second well close to the first one, but it was also boiling. So, they scrapped the project and capped the well. However, the seal was not strong enough to hold the water pressure, and it started seeping from other sides which, in turn, created several vibrant coloured fountains and pools. Here are 5 Hot Water Springs in India Worth A Visit.

Where To See The Colourful Fly Geyser?

The Fly Geyser is a beautiful rainbow-coloured geyser located on Fly Ranch in northern Nevada. It now stands 30-foot tall and is a sight to behold. The fountain is about two hours from Reno, but it will be worth the drive to see why this geyser is so amazing. Its vibrant shades and outlandish structure, will make you appreciate your planet and its beautiful creations.

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Fly Geyser (Pexels)

How To See The Rainbow Geyser?

What started as an accident is now of popular interests to tourists. While the geyser is not open to the public, you can do the thermal trespassing. You can either take a first-hand view or observe from a distance. There are private tours that you can book to see the geyser from a close range. However, if you are comfortable with a roadside view, head to Gerlach via State Route 34 to observe this massive structure. Also,  Take A Trek In The Alpine Forest Of This Great Himalayan National Park In India

Are There Any Dangers Associated With The Geyser?

While the geyser is a far cry from one of the most dangerous tourist destinations, visitors need to bear in mind that the fountain is extremely hot. Plus, the minerals and algae in and around the geyser require particular conditions to survive, so we cannot interfere by touching or getting too close to the geyser or its natural pools.

The rainbow geyser is one of the most incredible wonders in the middle of nowhere. Adventure awaits!