New York’s Physique 57 Launches In Bengaluru; Gear Up For Reese Witherspoon’s Fav Barre Workouts 

Physique 57, a luxurious fitness studio from New York just launched in Namma Bengaluru, introducing Bengalureans to its signature barre workouts.

by Sanjana Shenoy
New York’s Physique 57 Launches In Bengaluru; Gear Up For Reese Witherspoon’s Fav Barre Workouts 

What’s common between Reese Witherspoon, Chrissy Teigen and Demi Moore? They all swear by barre workouts! And the best part is that the secret to their peak fitness levels can be yours too! New York-based Physique 57, after introducing Dubai, Beverly Hills, Bangkok and Mumbai to its barre workouts,  has just launched a luxurious fitness studio in Namma Bengaluru. So, it’s time to barre!

Physique 57: Full Body Barre Workouts Make Its Way To Namma Bengaluru


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Nestled in Bengaluru’s bustling Vittal Mallya Road, Physique 57’s luxurious studio spans 2500 square feet. There are two workout rooms, each can accommodate around 15-20 clients at a time for Physique 57’s full-body barre-based workout. What makes this proprietary-based workout different from others, is that it blends different elements of stretching, cardio and strength training.

So, forget separate days for leg day and arms day. At Physique 57, you are guaranteed full-body workouts in every class. A favourite amongst New Yorkers since 2006, this brand promises visible results in just 8 classes. In Bengaluru, Physique 57’s studio schedules include both beginner and intermediate workout sessions. The beginner-level classes (Foundations and Barre 57) are designed to help clients get aligned with this proprietary workout without any risk of injury.

A signature Physique 57 class is a 57-minute workout session that helps you use your body weight as resistance to target muscles to the point of fatigue. And then stretch the muscles for relief. Apart from the Internal Overload, you can also expect intense thigh and glute sequences, fluid stretches, waist-chiselling ab moves and muscle-defining arm exercises. So exercise to the English pop music chartbusters as the instructors continue to motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

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A Luxurious Studio, Proprietary Workout & Energetic Sessions


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Physique 57 India’s core team of trainers are internationally trained. With over 250 hours of intense training from an elite instructor from the training team in New York, your fitness is in good hands! Also, do take into note that the barre workouts are faster-paced while maintaining focus on proper form and precise movement execution. The workouts are precisely choreographed to provide the maximum results in minimum time.

Muscles are given the greatest stimulus, so the movements change faster with fewer reps. The result is longer and leaner muscles. The workouts are done without using any heavy weights or equipment. Also, the instructors keenly observe results while also taking client feedback continuously and seriously.

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The luxurious studio has beautiful pastel-themed washrooms equipped with workout towels, lockers for your belongings, hair dryers and deodorants. The minute you step into the studio you’ll find yourself transported to a highly energetic environment that gets you all pumped. if you’re a beginner, the barre workout might leave your muscles sore but the gentle instructions of your trainer will leave you focussed at pumped.

Well, Bengalureans, are you excited to visit Physique 57 for its special barre workouts? Is this

Where: Kenkre House, 1st floor, No. 52, Vittal Mallya Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru
When: 9 am to 8 pm
Cost: Starting from ₹1100 for a studio class

Cover Image Courtesy: @physique57india/ Instagram

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