Nigeria & Hong Kong Relax COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

by Tooba Shaikh
Nigeria & Hong Kong Relax COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Your options for international travel just increased! After China, Hong Kong and Nigeria relaxed their COVID-19 travel restrictions. This makes travelling to these countries easier as the COVID-19 restrictions will no longer pose a hindrance to those who are travelling to these countries. This will give a new lifeline to the travel and tourism industry of these countries which had been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This boost in the tourism industry will, in turn, help boost their economies.

Nigeria & Hong Kong Ease COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

After China, Hong Kong has also eased travel restrictions and will no longer issue ‘Amber Codes’ to international travellers. In case you don’t know, the ‘Amber code’ was issued to certain people by authorities. This meant that these people had to strictly follow the COVID-19 norms and avoid public places like restaurants and bars. The code was tracked via a government app that everyone had to install. A QR code on the app would be scanned by the bars and restaurants on entry. Only the people to whom the amber code had not been issued, were allowed to enter.

COVID-19 travel restrictions
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With the ease of COVID-19 restrictions, this practice will be dropped. Authorities will no longer issue the amber code and people can freely move in public places from now on. Nigeria has also eased restrictions. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority mentioned that it no longer requires international travellers to and from Nigeria to test for COVID-19 regardless of their vaccination status. It has also removed the mandate to wear masks on flights.

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Consequent Boost To Economies

Hong Kong faced many criticisms from business groups and diplomats for its strict COVID-19 curbs since it restricted trade and commerce. This ease in travel laws will hopefully benefit the economy and help recover the losses that were suffered during the pandemic.

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