Norway Sky Painted With Rare, Colourful Clouds. These Pics Will Take Your Our Breath Away

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Norway Sky Painted With Rare, Colourful Clouds. These Pics Will Take Your Our Breath Away

Every time someone talks about Norway, I am sure the northern lights, glaciers and deep coastal fjords come to your mind. This Scandinavian country is also known as one of the world’s happiest countries. Of course! With such beautiful scenery all around, how can one not be happy? Well, this happy and beautiful country witnessed a sky full of rare, colourful clouds. Take a look at these amazing pictures of the Norway sky here. 

Norway Sky Witnessed Rare, Colourful Clouds

People in Norway were in total surprise when they saw the sky filled with beautiful and rare, colourful clouds. In the country where the sun does not rise for months, the sky does not fail to mesmerise with something amazing. A Norwegian photographer captured the beauty of this beautifully painted sky with her lens and shared it with the world on Twitter. The weirdly beautiful clouds looked totally unreal. 

 The photographer posted the picture and rightly tagged the clouds as the most beautiful on earth. The post also explained the reason behind the occurrence of this rare phenomenon. Norway generally experiences such clouds at least once a year because of its temperature drop. 

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Mother Of Pearl Clouds Made A Special Appearance

The “Mother of Pearl Clouds,” or Polar Stratospheric Clouds, created by ice crystals high in the icy stratosphere, are seen in the viral pictures. When temperatures drop to about -85 degrees Celsius in the lower stratosphere, frozen structures, also known as ‘nacreous clouds’ are created. These incredibly beautiful clouds float through the stratosphere (25 km), while conventional grey-white clouds are only visible at altitudes of 5 to 10 km.. 

 Many people commented on the Norway sky photo and shared their own experiences of seeing it in the country. Some also wrote about how the view shows the degraded ozone layer. Atmospheric optics expert, Les Cowley, once explained that the formation of these clouds is connected to the holes created in the ozone layer. They float very much higher than the normal clouds and paint the sky with the most unforgettable mix of colours. 

Norway sky
Pic credits: Flickr
(Representational image)

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Cover Image Courtesy: @explorecosmos/Twitter