Not Magic Broom, There’s A “Nutritious Broom” In Town & Tweeple Can’t Have Enough Of This Jhaadu! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Not Magic Broom, There’s A “Nutritious Broom” In Town & Tweeple Can’t Have Enough Of This Jhaadu! 

Forget Harry Potter’s magic broomstick, there’s another broom that’s painting X (Twitter) red and that’s a nutritious broom. Didn’t get us? Well, recently a Twitterati posted a picture of a broomstick with a calorie chart on Twitter and it’s nothing short of hilarious.

Twitterati Shares Pic Of A “Nutritious Broom” With Calorie Chart

A Twitterati, @baldwhiner shared a picture of a nutritious broom on Twitter. Didn’t get us? Well, the picture features two broomsticks covered in plastic packaging with calorie charts on them. The Twitterati supplemented the pic with a caption which sarcastically points out that the broom has a calorie chart, in case someone decided to snack on it!

In the bizarre pic, the nutritious brooms have calorie charts. The “Nutrition Facts” stated that the broom has 150 calories per amount of serving. The total fat is 13% with saturated fat being 5%. And if that isn’t weird then the nutrition chart states that it has 7% sodium, 6% carbohydrate, 7% dietary fibre and then 2% iron. It gets even funnier when the title reads that it’s 15 servings per container.

This hilarious nutrition chart has left Netizens in splits. Many took to the comments section to poke fun at the calorie chart on a broomstick which is obviously inedible. One person commented that there’s a nutritious broom in town as women feed their husbands with this when they get angry.

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Netizens Flood The Comments Section With Hilarious Comments

Another person claims that people will lose out on calories after using the broke for just 30 minutes. How many calories? 300 calories says the person. Yet another Twitterati speculated that the calorie chart indicates the number of calories a person loses after sweeping a 100 sq meter area.

“Get beaten by a broom once and you’d lose 150 calories for free”, says one Twitterati. And then one person said that if one cleans the room, they lose a certain number of calories. And if they clean the whole house and neighbourhood then they lose even more calories.

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So, the next time you check out a broomstick at your neighbourhood store, check out its nutrition chart and have a good laugh! Also, would you choose a magic broom over a nutritious broom?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @baldwhiner/ Twitter