Not Pandemic, But Delhi’s Poor Air Quality May Bring Back WFH For Delhi Citizens

by Vinita Jain
Not Pandemic, But Delhi’s Poor Air Quality May Bring Back WFH For Delhi Citizens

As the stubble-burning season begins, the air quality of Delhi has started to deteriorate. And, if it continues to worsen into the ‘severe plus’ category, residents of the capital may soon get the option to work from home. Once the air quality index (AQI) exceeds 450, phase 4 of the graded response action plan (GRAP) will be implemented. Where 50 per cent of public, municipal, and private office employees will be allowed to work from home.

In addition to working from home, phase 4 of GRAP also proposes the closure of educational institutions. Additionally, the even-odd rule (using vehicles on an even-odd basis) may return.

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Government Announced A 15-Point Winter Action Plan To Curb Pollution

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Also, the Delhi government, led by Arvind Kejriwal, has released a 15-point winter action plan to curb air pollution in the city. This includes setting up a team to study incineration, dust, and vehicle emissions to control air pollution in the capital. The Delhi government plans to install 233 anti-smog cannons and 150 mobile anti-smog cannons to control pollution. Source attribution data — a method aimed at identifying pollution sources— will be available from 20th October.

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Kejriwal also announced plans to reduce congestion on 203 roads by rerouting them to reduce vehicle emissions. Meanwhile, the AAP government has also decided that from 25th October, petrol and diesel will no longer be supplied by petrol pumps without a PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate.

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Air Quality Is Expected To Improve Soon

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Air quality in Delhi remains in the upper group of “average” with an overall AQI of 181 on Sunday. As the city is expected to receive rain from Tuesday evening, the AQI is expected to improve. The gradation response action plan (GRAP) restrictions will not go into effect until forecasts indicate “poor” air quality.

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