Now Pay Penalty For Not Wearing Rear Seatbelts!

by Sanmita A
Now Pay Penalty For Not Wearing Rear Seatbelts!

There is a lot of buzz going around wearing seatbelts while in the rear seat of the car. We obviously know, and most of us are guilty for not wearing seatbelts if we are travelling on the rear seats of a car. And, in a report by The Print, it is directed that more than half of Indians do not wear seatbelts while sitting behind the driver’s seat. As a matter of fact, Delhi Police too, confirmed that it is tough to enforce such a law. The tragic accident of Cyrus Mistry had brought the matter of wearing seatbelt in focus once again! Here are all the latest updates!

To Wear Or Not To Wear A Seatbelt In Rear Seats

Well, a lot of conversation is ongoing regarding safety on Indian roads, the danger of not wearing seat belts and so much more. The Mumbai Police is also going to conduct an awareness programme regarding the wearing of seatbelts even if one is seated behind the drivers’ seat. A poll conducted by Inshorts too, depicted that many do not consider wearing a seatbelt on the rear seats. Industrialist, Anand Mahindra, on Tuesday took to twitter to pledge on wearing seatbelts irrespective of the car seat. He even urged his followers to do the same.

Take a look at the tweet here –

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Nitin Gadkari Announces Penalty On Not Wearing Seatbelts

In a programmer, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announced that people who won’t abide by the road rules or not wear seatbelts will be penalised. Also do not miss this VERY IMPORTANT tweet on what can happen if one happens to be in an accident and not wear a seatbelt. Take a look –

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As per the Indian law, it is mandatory to wear a seatbelt in the rear seats of a car. There is very less awareness regarding this law and the Mumbai Police aims to educate the people regarding this.

What do you think about the enforcement of this law? Will it make a difference when it comes to road accidents? Let us know!