Now Travel From Srinagar To Dehradun In A Helicopter: Know The Prices & Timings

by Shreya Ghosh
Now Travel From Srinagar To Dehradun In A Helicopter: Know The Prices & Timings

The Uttarakhand state government initiated helicopter services to travel to a few destinations within India under Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik Regional Connectivity Scheme. The route will cover various places such as Dehradun, New Tehri, Srinagar, and Gauchar. This is a magnificent experience to witness the ethereal beauty while flying and surely a once-in-a-lifetime kind. If you would love to enjoy this experience, then keep on reading for all the deets.

Travel To Dehradun From Srinagar In A Helicopter

Using the helicopter services launched by the Uttarakhand State Government, you can easily fly from Srinagar to Dehradun. The journey will surely be exciting and a developed transportation system within the domestic connections. You can easily book the services and can board a helicopter and fly witnessing the spectacular landscapes and views from the top.

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All You Need To Know About This Service

The services are available 6 days a week, except on Sundays. The routes and the destinations are different every day and they follow a proper schedule for it. To reach Dehradun from Srinagar, you will get helicopter tickets for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. For travelling to Srinagar from Dehradun, the helicopters are available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It will cost you ₹3760 for both the routes.

There are also services where you can reach Dehradun from Srinagar via New Tehri. The ticket price for this route is ₹3776. Every helicopter has a specific time schedule and it differs from day to day and the destination.