Now You Can Earn Travel And Shopping Miles By Simply Staying At Home

by Suchismita Pal
Now You Can Earn Travel And Shopping Miles By Simply Staying At Home

Working from home during quarantine? What if we say you can earn some extra bucks too? All you have to do is to keep your GPS active and stay at home till the end of the lockdown period, ending on 3rd May. It’s that simple. You must be wondering how this is going to happen. Read on to know the deets.

What Is It?

If you didn’t know about the InterMiles app (earlier JetPrivilege), it’s a multipurpose application that lets you book flights, hotels, dining experiences, grab shopping vouchers and much more. And now, they are rewarding the Indian citizens with 100 miles each day for staying at home. To receive the miles, you need to download the InterMiles app and stay logged in 24/7. The location that will be recorded between 12 A.M. and 6 A.M. IST would be marked as ‘Home’ for each member. If there is no GPS data available during that time, the location with the maximum hours will be considered as home. Also, do remember to enable your background location from the app settings of your phone.

Picture Credits: Wonderful Engineering

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What’s More?

After all this is over, you can use the earned miles for booking flights, shopping and visiting restaurants. Can anything be cooler than this? You earn miles to walk from your room to the kitchen, you earn miles for watching television, you earn miles for everything you do but inside the four walls of your home. The offer will be available to the InterMiles subscribers only who are based in India.

Earn Miles For Travel And Shopping
InterMiles website

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So, start earning free miles and make the most of staying indoors!