Nutella Ice Cream Debuts In Italy, Brings Sweet Delight Just in Time For Summer

A new treat is capturing the hearts of dessert lovers

by Tejashee Kashyap
Nutella Ice Cream Debuts In Italy, Brings Sweet Delight Just in Time For Summer

As summer’s warmth spreads across Italy, a new treat is capturing the hearts of dessert lovers: Nutella Ice Cream. The beloved hazelnut and chocolate spread, already a staple in Italian households, has found a new, refreshing form that promises to become a summer sensation.

Nutella Ice Cream In Italy

Nutella has ventured into the ice cream market. Italy’s Nutella lovers will have a new treat to look forward to this summer with the debut of Nutella Ice Cream from confectionary giant Ferrero. The new gelato will be available in supermarkets in June in 230g tubs that retail for €4.99 each. This new ice cream combines the creamy, nutty flavour of Nutella with the cold, refreshing qualities of ice cream, creating a dessert that is perfect for the hot Italian summer.

This frozen treat blends the classic Nutella flavour with a surprising twist of textures. The company’s other Ferrero brand ice cream products were introduced three years prior, and the Nutella-flavored ice cream was released in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of Nutella, which made its debut in Italy in 1964. This launch comes at a time when there is a growing demand for innovative and high-quality ice cream products, driven by consumers’ desire for unique and premium flavours.

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There’s A Cultural Significance


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Nutella holds a special place in Italian culture. Ferrero introduced Nutella Biscuits five years ago in Italy. In its first year of sales, the product sold 47 million packets. At first, the company struggled to meet the enormous demand. Now, the launch of their ice cream taps into this cultural nostalgia, offering consumers a new way to enjoy a familiar favourite. It also highlights the innovative spirit of Italian cuisine, which is known for its ability to adapt and reinvent traditional flavours.

For now, this ice cream is poised to be the standout treat of the summer. As it continues to capture the hearts and taste buds of Italians, this ice cream is set to become a beloved pick. Whether enjoyed on a hot day at the beach or as a decadent end to a summer meal, Nutella Ice Cream is sure to become a new favourite in the world of Italian desserts.

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