Once A Night Bar With More Than 25 Dancers, Deepa Bar In Mumbai’s Irla Is Now A Kali Temple

by Tooba Shaikh
Once A Night Bar With More Than 25 Dancers, Deepa Bar In Mumbai’s Irla Is Now A Kali Temple

Whenever you think of virtuous places, chances are that a night bar will be the last place that you think of. However, this owner has done the unthinkable. A famous night bar in the Vile Parle area of Mumbai has now been turned into a grand Kali temple. This shift is probably one of the most surprising things to happen in Mumbai. But hey! It’s Mumbai. Anything is possible in this city of dreams.

Night Bar Turned Into A Kali Temple

Deepa Bar in the Irla area of Vile Parle was known for glamorous dancers and equally glamorous celebrities that frequented it. According to the article published by Free Press Journal, this particular bar had at least 25 dancers grooving at any given time.

The bar owner, Sudhakar Shetty, who is now a builder, said that they had a small Kali Ma Temple on the premises of the bar and did daily pujas. However, after the bar shut down, the place was sitting idle and Shetty wanted to put it to good use. He, therefore, decided to start a temple dedicated to Kali ma. The temple is now open to the public.

Instead of multiple dancers, the place now houses three pujaris who perform daily pujas on the Goddess. According to the article, the place saw frequent visitors like Bollywood celebrities and even politicians.

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Health Centre Coming Soon As Well

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Shetty also revealed that he is also planning on opening a health centre where medicine will be available for low-income groups at an extremely negligible price. He also plans on opening a Baba Ramdev Yoga & Ayurvedic Centre near the temple.

Ever since the bar was shut down due to multiple controversies, Shetty has decided to expand into the building business. He runs the Sahana Group which, since its inception, has undertaken several Slum Rehabilitation Authority or SRA projects.

This particular bar’s crown jewel was a dancer named Tarannum who was known to associate with many renowned cricketers and politicians.

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